Strengths and weaknesses

Starting point for every change

The most important question: What is the current situation? Whether you are starting up a business, launching a new product or realigning your company - in order to create a stable foundation for your business, a comprehensive analysis of the current situation and previously untapped opportunities is essential. The experts at marketingarchitekten, your full-service marketing agency based in Vaterstetten near Munich, will provide you with the necessary insight and overview.

Competition analysis with die marketingarchitekten

Competitive analysis - what are the others doing

What does your market look like? What makes other competitors successful? If you want to be successful in the future, you need to know the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. Can my company or product hold its own against the competition or am I operating in the so-called "blue ocean" with my innovative idea? marketingarchitekten will answer these questions for you with a thorough (and ideally regular) competitive and market analysis. No more poking around in the fog: rely on solid facts and make strategic decisions based on sound analysis.

Benefit from a professional competitive analysis:

  • know your market position
  • Make good, strategic decisions
  • Recognize opportunities and risks
  • leverage new potential for future business areas

Location analysis - where, when, how

The garage - a guarantee for start-up success? Hardly. But your company's success does depend on the question: "Am I in the right place at the right time?". The marketingarchitekten team will shed light on this aspect of success together with you and, in case of doubt, will advise you on the best choice of location to put you on the road to success. We analyze with razor-sharp precision whether your company, product or service is close enough to the desired market and thus significantly improve your potential for success.

SWOT analysis - without blah-blah

Do you know your company's strengths and weaknesses? If you don't know - then it's high time for a SWOT analysis. It is the first step in professional business planning and shows where your opportunities and risks lie. The SWOT analysis is an important tool for determining your competitive position and provides initial indications as to whether your business start-up will be a success. We, the marketingarchitekten, leave nothing to chance - as a powerful team in and around Munich, we support you with entrepreneurial expertise and a wealth of know-how on the subject of start-ups.

"The first step in sound planning is self-analysis. It's good to have an experienced partner at your side."

Road to success with market observation by die marketingarchitekten

Market observation - which way is it going?

Looking ahead with foresight: We are practiced in looking ahead for our customers. To market changes and potentials that could be promising for you and your company. The marketingarchitekten are not one-off consultants. You can also rely on us in the future. Together, we recognize emerging risks and pounce on opportunities as they arise. With short lines of communication and personal contact at eye level, the marketingarchitekten are exactly the right full-service agency for your business.

Curious about our ideas?

Do you have any questions, suggestions or are you interested in working with our creative full-service agency? Let's meet! In a non-binding initial meeting, we will get to know each other, determine your wishes and analyze your needs. Thanks to our expertise from many successfully completed projects, your marketing solution is just a few steps away.